[Premium Bandai Exclusive] Yomotusuguri Lockseed is in!

We received it after the show ended yesterday! We will be contacting our pre-order customers for this item also from Monday.   Thank you!

Just Received New Arrivals & Restock :)

We have just received more items :) Holiday Season won't wait for us and for our respected wholesalers :D    Kamen Rider Drive DX Shift Fruits & Drive Lock Seed Set Kamen Rider Drive Capsule Toy Shift Car 04 Dimension Cab (Metallic Engine Ver.) Bat Viral Core Bat Viral Core (Clear Ver.)  Cobra Viral Core Cobra Viral Core (Clear Ver.)  We will be activating these this coming Sunday Dec. 20th at 8 PM JST. 

Premium Bandai Shipped Out "S.H.Figuarts KR Duke Lemon Energy Arms" today!!

We have just received an email from Premium Bandai confirming the shipment of "S.H.Figuarts KR Duke Lemon Energy Arms" tonight. We ordered over 24 of them and they should be coming in this weekend :) We will be soon contacting our pre-order customers first as we receive it. Thank you :) 

Matsubokkuri Apology

Dear Customers, It is again very hard for me to confess the situation we found out for "DX Matsubokkuri Energy Lockseed”. We have received 60 of "DX Matsubokkuri Energy Lockseed" on November 15th and have been contacting pre-order customers for our EMS shipping fee request, and we have been shipping the item out to them. However, we have been receiving shipping fee inquiries about missing requests more than we expected and started an investigation on this yesterday after the S...

Activation Failure for Pre-Order DX Dragonfruit Lockseed :(

  Many apology. We failed to activate our new Pre-Order DX Dragonfruit Lockseed last night at 8 PM JST on Nov. 23rd. We activated without any prices (!) there, thanks to one of our customers told us that there was no prices on it. We see 9 customers already think they completed their orders but unfortunately, they have not without any prices on the item. We will contact these unfortunate customers soon for redoing the preorder.  We will restart taking this pre-order for DX Dragonfruit Loc...

Just received a shipping notification for "PB Sound Lockseed Series Capsule Lockseed Ouren & Gaim Yami Set"

  Yap, finally :)  Premium Bandai sent us the notification today and we should be getting 48 sets of these for this weekend or next week. Thank you to all of our pre-order customers who ordered these set and we will be contacting you guys soon for the EMS shipping fee soon probably next week :)    Thank you for being patient with us.    CSTOYS International  

Premium Bandai just announced the shipping schedule for "Capsule Lock Seed Oren & Gaim Yami Set (the 2nd wave) "

Thank you for being patient  and we have just got a shipping schedule from Premium Bandai that they are starting the shipping from Friday, Nov. 21. The arrival of this pre-order item will be a couple of days later but we will make sure to announce the arrival of your long waited item :)  [CLOSED] Capsule Lock Seed Oren & Gaim Yami Set (Aug. 14th - Sept. 21st)