CSTOYS Toku Wave Radio ended in July 2022 and...

CSTOYS Toku Wave Radio ended in July 2022 and...

We received this heart-breaking notice two weeks ago from our radio director, who also became a toku fan since we started the show in 2013. He was undoubtedly saddened to pass this news to us, and now we received an official notice document from FM Gaiya:

Notice of Change in Internet Simul Broadcasting System

Click to Download the official document in Japanese.


Notice of Change in Internet Simul Broadcasting System

To All of Radio Personalities at FM Gaiya,

Thank you very much for your cooperation in managing FM Gaiya’s programs.

From Tuesday, June 28, there will be an essential update for our Internet Simul broadcasting system. Previously, you could enjoy our FM broadcasting via the Internet from Japan and overseas, operated by the JCBA Japan Community Broadcasting Association. However, due to this system update, our overseas listeners via the internet no longer be able to listen to our programs in the viewpoint of copyright protection, and the radio programs at FM Gaiya using copyrighted songs will be listened to only domestically in Japan.

Those programs that use only original and copyright-free songs can continue their shows and be heard from overseas. If this is your case, please consult with the person in charge of your program.

We apologize for any inconvenience this cause to overseas listeners, such as your friends and acquaintances, and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

June 7, 2022,

Uwajima Cable TV Co., Ltd.


No, we can not let go of the toku community we love, the place that our friends gather and talk (or chat), because of this system update ( I meant "System Downgrade"). So we decided to renew the radio program from August this summer. It will be broadcasted via traditional FM radio wave for Japanese locals in Uwajima City and via YouTube Live streaming for our overseas listeners and chat members.

In the new program, we will focus more on Tokusatsu Updates, Quizzes, Listener Interviews, and interaction with Uwajima People. We understand this change with no Toku Music is harsh and cruel for a radio program and us all. But we also believe that there is a lot more for a radio program to deliver, connect, bond, foster, and discover more.

Thank you all for understanding this sudden end for the show but finding us to restart it again. More new show updates will come shortly. Cheers, 

Masaki Seike 

Radio Host & Director 
CSTOYS International



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