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[Toku Wave LIVE #266] Power Morphicon 2018, what should we bring from Japan? (2018/05/21)

May 20, 2018

Power Morphicon is the most massive fan-based Power Ranger event held bi-annually in California, USA since 2008. The location this year will be at the Anaheim Convention Center from August 16th -19th and CSTOYS will be there to meet our friends and customers!

We have been participating in this unique event since 2010, and we are so thrilled that this will be our 5th year to be a part of it!!

So this week we ask you this twitter question:

[Power Morphicon Question] We are attending PMC2018 this summer and what items would you want us to bring from Japan? Tell us your thought on this and let us share it in our next TOKU Wave Live FM Radio ;)

Let us share your thoughts on this and we will introduce them in our FM Live Show  and Youtube Livestream tomorrow from HERE

CSTOYS International

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[Youtube Live] The Alternative Show (2018/05/19)

May 19, 2018

This week features the arrival of the Patrangers' Drill & Crane Trigger Machines. In addition, we acquired some other new items, and restocks like belt extenders. Furthermore, we got in P-Bandai exclusive items which we will contact the customers who pre-ordered these items shortly. Also, we got more toys to add to our USED section, and to add to our Power Morphicon inventory!

All of these items will be bought to our store this coming Sunday at 8 PM JST. Please check our count down timer at our store at and don't let anyone have your target toys :) 

  • Kamen Rider
    • SH Figuarts Shinkoccho Seiho Kamen Rider Nigo
    • DX Belt Extenders
  • Super Sentai
  • Ultra/Kaiju
    • Ultra Kaiju Series Astron
  • Pre-Owned Toys
    • [LOOSE] DX DaiVoyager
    • [LOOSE] DX Super Best W Driver
    • [LOOSE] DX Gosei Ultimate
    • [LOOSE] DX Accel Driver
    • [LOOSE] DX Trial Memory
    • [LOOSE] DX Morphin Brace
    • [LOOSE] DX Wizard Driver
    • [LOOSE] DX Blood Orange Lockseed & Bujin Gaim Faceplate set
    • [LOOSE] DX Lockseed Holder
    • [LOOSE] DX Lockseeds
    • [LOOSE] DX Shift Next Special Set
    • [LOOSE] DX Kimiwaza Slot Holder
    • [LOOSE] DX Gashat Gear Dual Beta
    • [LOOSE] DX Orion Battler
    • [LOOSE] GP Rabbit Full Bottle Special ver.
    • [LOOSE] GP Tank Full Bottle Special ver.
    • [LOOSE] GP Diamond Full Bottle Special ver.
    • [LOOSE] DX Cross-Z Dragon
    • [LOOSE] DX Twin Breaker
    • [LOOSE] DX Nubula Steam Gun
    • [BOXED] Super Sentai Artisan Dino Buckler
    • [BOXED] DX Red Puncher (To Be Demonstrated)
    • [BOXED] DX V Brace (To Be Demonstrated)
    • [BOXED] DX Life Bird (To Be Demonstrated)
    • [BOXED] DX Time Shadow (To Be Demonstrated)
    • [BOXED] DX GaoGiraffe
    • [BOXED] DX Datas Hyper
    CSTOYS International

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    [Youtube Live] Today's Arrivals (2018/05/18)

    May 17, 2018

      Every Friday is the day we receive our new toys from our wholesalers , as we call them "Toymen". Check out our Youtube Livestream for unboxing our latest toys in "Today's Arrivals" starting at 11 AM JST on Friday, May 18th.

      Also don't miss our Lucky Draw during our Today's Arrivals Livestream as well :)
      For fulfilled orders this week, we will be picking up one lucky person in our draw, and giving away our 500 discount code for his/her next purchase. 

      CSTOYS International

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