• Tokusatsu Connections

    The core of our program and this is where our fans and customers to meet new Toku-friends and Toku-toys.

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  • Toy Review

    Showcasing new or distinctive pre-owned toys weekly on the radio

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  • Uwajima Updates

    On June 16th, we surveyed tsunami evacuation routes in Uwajima City, walking 3.5 km with 30 checkpoints under Associate Professor Takahisa Omoto's guidance.

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CSTOYS Originals

CSTOYS is your source for Japan's Best Tokusatsu toys. Since 2008, we've been devoted to the mission of bringing this iconic style of play to everyone around the world. Our commitment to high-quality tokusatsu toys is evident in our passionate approach. Let CSTOYS Originals bring spirit and fun to your collection today!