• Weekly Toku Trivia Quiz Week 71 -Train-

    Tokusatsu Connections: The core of our program and this is where our fans and customers to meet new Toku-friends and Toku-toys.

    Get ready to dive into the world of Tokusatsu with our weekly trivia quiz. It's like a rollercoaster ride for your brain!

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  • Uwajima DX: Promoting Changes in Digital Transformation: Let Radio Segment be Uwajima's Sidekick.

    Embrace the past while welcoming the future in Uwajima City. Discover the harmony of tradition and progress in Uwajima City.

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  • Uwajima Updates: A weekly segment to update Uwajima with something new every week.

    Today's Topic: Ehime Pref. Uwajima Higashi High School will host their Annual Reporting Session on March 5th in the city for Science Projects, aiming to develop technology and art to support their region. CSTOYS will assist in live-streaming their science projects on YouTube.

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