CSTOYS' Uwajima World Link

The new radio program is called "Uwajima World Link," a fifty-five-minute radio program starting on Wednesday, August 3. We want this program to be a hub for people in Uwajima (or Japan) and Overseas to communicate, interact, and enjoy their time together via FM radio or our YouTube channel.

Uwajima World Link


There are three prominent segmentations we focus on:

  • Tokusatsu Connection: The core of our program and this is where our fans and customers to meet new Toku-friends and Toku-toys. This segment will be posted to CSTOYS' YouTube Channel. There are three parts in this segment and including:
    • Toku to You: A Weekly Live Video Interview part with CSTOYS’ customers & chat friends (. 
    • Weekly Tokusatsu Trivia Quiz : Test your Tokusatsu knowledge! Each week we get Tokusatsu quizzes from our friends online and we introduce it in the show in English & Japanese. 
    • Toy Reviews : An irregular segment to introduce our latest toys when they are available. 
  • Uwajima Updates: A weekly segment to update Uwajima with something new every week. This segment will be posted onto Office Seike's YouTube Channel. There are three parts in this segment and including:
    • Uwajima Questions: A weekly Text Message Cultural & Communication Exchange segment with Students from Uwajima Minami Secondary School & CSTOYS' worldwide customers.
    • Heroes Within: An Irregular Video interviews with Uwajima NPO Center, introducing Local Event introductions & activity reports.
    • Uwajima Business Updates: An Irregular segment introducing the current state of cross-border EC and Shopify updates for Uwajima people. 
  • Tourism in Shikoku: 
    • Introducing Tourism & Culture in Japan from a non-native perspective. Co-Hosted with Rod Walter, CEO of Shikoku Tours Co., Ltd. Recommended Tourist Spots in Shikoku including Shikoku Cuisine & Life in Shikoku.