CSTOYS Customer Reward Program

We want to thank you for being long time supporters of CSToys International! We are proud to announce the CSToys Customer Rewards Program!

As with most store loyalty programs, as you make purchases from our store, you will earn points onto your CSToys Account. There will also be additional opportunities to gain points that will be listed below! As you earn points, you can trade in those points for vouchers that can give you money off on your next purchase!

To see how many points you earned and to use the points in future, please make sure to log in to our store first. Then click on the Red Tab on the right side of the page. You will see your earned points and more of our CSTOYS Reward Program.


Earning Points

Customers will be able to earn points via the following methods:

Welcome points

⁃Signing up! When you register for the loyalty program, you will receive 5,000 points. 

NOTE: Awarded to customers who signup after our points program is launched


When a customer refers their friend

⁃Refer a friend! When you refer a friend, and they sign up, you will receive 1,000 points! Those customers you refer will also receive a ¥500 off coupon as well!

 NOTE: Customers will earn points when their friends makes their first purchase. 

NOTE 2: Each referred customer gets a unique discount code

Customer birthday points

⁃Happy Birthday! On your birthday, you will automatically receive 10,000 points!

NOTE: Customers must enter their date of birth at least 1 month before being rewarded. 


Sharing on Facebook

Following on Twitter

Liking page on Facebook

Following on Instagram

⁃Social media! You will receive 1,000 points each for sharing CSToys on Facebook and Twitter, as well as following our Twitter, Instagram and liking our Facebook pages.

NOTE for Facebook: Customers will only earn points on their first share.

NOTE 2 for Twitter: Customers will only earn points only once for following on Twitter.

NOTE 3 for Liking Page on Facebook: Customers will only earn points on their first like.

Customer makes an order

 ⁃Buying! Customers will receive 1 point for every ¥1 they spend.

NOTE: Points will be awarded when the order is paid or shipped. 

Spending Points

Using these points, customers will be able to trade them in for (currently) the following rewards:

¥500 off coupon 

⁃¥500 Off Coupon - 25,000 points

¥1,000 off coupon

⁃¥1,000 Off Coupon - 45,000 points

¥2,500 off coupon

⁃¥2,500 Off Coupon - 100,000 points


More options and rewards will be created as our Loyalty Program grows over time.

We have many customers who continue to support and love the work we put into CSToys, and we can’t wait to give back to them in the form of the loyalty program. Turn in your points quickly for small discounts, or save them up for a larger one! Whatever suits your taste, have fun, and happy shopping!