Q: My shipping box was crushed and the toy itself was broken. Is there anything can be done?

November 02, 2016

Q: Where is your sign up form for the store?

October 06, 2016

Q: I recently purchased some items on your website but it's seem to be an error with my order that why i can't see the order on my account but you guys already withdrawed money from my bank.

October 06, 2016

Q: It has been more than 48 hours since I received your shipping information, and there is still a, "no results found" message when I conduct a search. Would it be possible to receive an update on the shipping status of my order directly from you?

September 18, 2016

Q: Why are DX Mach Drivers are so expensive !?

September 10, 2016

Q: I live in Japan now. Is it possible to purchase your items and ship my order to where I live now?

September 02, 2016

Q: Credit Card Transaction Failed? What's going on?

July 10, 2016

Q: What kind of shipping methods are available? (UPDATED)

July 05, 2016

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