Activation Failure for Pre-Order DX Dragonfruit Lockseed :(

Masaki Seike


Many apology. We failed to activate our new Pre-Order DX Dragonfruit Lockseed last night at 8 PM JST on Nov. 23rd. We activated without any prices (!) there, thanks to one of our customers told us that there was no prices on it. We see 9 customers already think they completed their orders but unfortunately, they have not without any prices on the item. We will contact these unfortunate customers soon for redoing the preorder. 

We will restart taking this pre-order for DX Dragonfruit Lockseed again at 3 PM JST today Monday  Nov. 24th, and we will expand the limit of our orders from 24 set to 48 sets this time for you all so you can get hands on this movie exclusive item that you can not get anymore when they are gone. 

Thank you. 

CSTOYS International

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