Contacting for Defective Item & Its Replacement


It is totally understandable how exciting for you to receive our toys at door but also how devastating to find out your new toy is a defect item too :( 

Our proud toy manufacturers do their best to maintain their quality control for their toys, however there are still chances that you may be hit by a brand new but completely defective some day. 

To support your situation like this, we have one solution for a possible replacement for you working together with the toy manufacturers. 

[NOTE] Each toy manufacturers have their own customer service and their own approach for their replacement under their own rules. Please note that we do not guarantee if they accept your replacement request or not. 



  1. Contact us by filling out the following form with necessary information, take some pictures of your defect item and upload them. If needed, shoot a video of the item and upload to Youtube and enter the youtube video link. We will review the picture or video. 
  2. As we confirm your defect item, we will contact the toy manufacturer and ask for its replacement. 
  3. If the toy manufacturer approve its replacement, we will contact you to send your defect item to the following shipping address with a trackable method. You will need to pay for its International shipping fee to Japan. 

    CSTOYS International
    608-1-102 Kumanodai
    Matsuyama Ehime
    JAPAN 791-8016

  4. When we receive your defect item at our office, we will forward it to the toy manufacturer. We will cover the domestic shipping fee if necessary and we will wait for the replacement to arrive from the manufacturer (usually it takes a week). 
  5. When we receive the replacement, we will send it to you by SAL (Allowed 10 to 45 days for its delivery) as well as your tracking info by email.

Thank you for using our service.