Q: My shipping box was crushed and the toy itself was broken. Is there anything can be done?

November 02, 2016

Damaged Pacakge
A: Thank you for contacting us for your damaged package and we certainly feel sorry for this accident. All of our shipping methods are insured by Japan Post, and the damage you had may be compensated only if this process meets with their necessary documents and procedures. 

  • Registered SAL: Maximum Compensation is  up to 6,000 yen
  • Registered AIRMAIL: Maximum Compensation is  up to 6,000 yen
  • EMS: Maximum Compensation is  up to 20,000 yen

Here is the procedure you and we need to go through: 

  1. We highly suggest you to keep all the shipping box and packing materials, and damaged items with its original box, as well as the tracking information to meet their requirements. 
  2. Please send your damage report to your local post office first with their necessary documents and evidences. 
  3. Japan Post starts tracking the route of your package delivery and investigate what happened to your package. Later they will contact your local post office to make sure your damage report is presented at their hands.
  4. When they complete the investigation and confirm the damage you had, they will send the compensation to our bank account first.
  5. As soon as we confirm the fund, we will contact you again and transfer it to your through Paypal. Please be aware that this process might take a couple of months to be concluded, so we ask you for your patience. 

I hope this process make sense to you and we suggest you to contact your local post office for the damage report as soon as possible

For your information, HERE is the link to an article "Trouble Regarding International Mail" at Japan Post Website. 

If you have any question on this, please let us know. 

Thank you. 

CSTOYS International