Welcoming the New Year 2019 with our new website design :)

Happy New Year to ALL! 

We have our new site design for the new year :)  It is always nice to start something new. Do you have anything new coming in 2019? How about your new year resolution for 2019?

Well, we decided to do ours.  

With our new site design, we have 3 more blogs to go:

These blogs are to tell stories of CSTOYS and its community, yes it is about YOU ;) We will be posting our pictures, videos, and stories for each blog but we also love to hear from you as well. How were you involved with Tokusatsu? What is so special about the Toku community for you? Let us share your thoughts on the keywords, Unite, Challenge, and Visit from the form following:  


We will be excited to share your story in our livestreams and FM Radio. 

Happy New Year! 


Masaki Seike

CSTOYS International

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