[CHALLENGE] Renovating Our Country Office after the Floods in Summer of 2018

[CHALLENGE] Renovating Our Country Office after the Floods in Summer of 2018

The Summer of 2018 will not be forgotten for anyone from Uwajima City area. The city is located in the southern part of Japan, and this area has been heavily suffered from the flood occurred in early July 2018 and washed away many local houses, over 30 people died in the area in the pouring rains and landslides.

To watch how CNN reported this, please visit the following link: 

"Japan floods and landslides kill dozens; millions evacuated @CNNI https://cnn.it/2lY9PQk"
★To learn about what is going now here in Uwajima, please visit here:
"2018 Japan Floods" 


Our country office was among the houses damaged from the landslides. And this blog is to report what had happened there and how we have been tackling and facing the challenge to bring back our country office. And this is our sincere hope that we can do the live-streaming show again from our 120 year-old farm house. We will be posting our pictures, videos, and stories we never shared before to let you see how we face the challenge. 

Your comment and suggestions are welcomed along the way we renovate the office. 

Thank you. 


Masaki Seike 

Director of CSTOYS Internatinal







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