[VISIT] CSTOYS, but not just toys.

[VISIT] CSTOYS, but not just toys.

It has been our great pleasure to welcome our customers & friends to our cities, Matsuyama & Uwajima. So far, we have hosted 7 friends in Matsuyama City including:
  • Otoya (Malaysia, 2009)
  • Dennis (Netherland, 2013)
  • Mattias (Sweden, 2014)
  • Otoya (Malaysia, 2016)
  • Dennis (Netherland, 2016)
  • Char350 (USA, 2016)
  • TyphoonBang (USA, 2016)
  • Rico (USA, 2016)
  • Rory (UK, 2016) 
  • SpecialForm12 (Colombia, 2017)

    So I ask my question, Who is going to be next?” We all at CSTOYS, will wait for your coming to our cities and be in our livestreams together sometime soon in near future! 

    This blog is dedicated to promote our city, Matsuyama, Uwajima and of course our country Japan. As 2020 Olympics is approaching almost in one more year, we are so thrilled to meet you soon!

    Masaki Seike 
    CSTOYS International


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