Ultraman R/B: DX R/B Gyro & R/B Crystal Holder Set


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DX R/B Gyro & R/B Crystal Holder Set

Manufactured By: Bandai
Date Released: July 2018
Franchise: Ultraman
Show: Ultraman R/B
Toy Line: DX R/B Crystal Series
Ships via: SAL Registered, Airmail Registered, and EMS


  • DX Rube Gyro
  • Taro Crystal
  • Ginga Crystal
  • DX R/B Crystal Holder
  • Tiga Crystal

This set features the DX R/B Gyro and DX R/B Crystal Holder together in one set. There is no difference between buying this set or buying the two items individually.

The newest Ultra Heroes to hit the scene are Ultraman Rosso and Ultraman Blu, two brothers that use the R/B Gyro in conjunction with the R/B Crystals to transform. The R/B Crystals use the power of previous Ultra Heroes to infuse Rosso and Blue with elemental powers to change form. To transform into Ultraman Rosso, lift the two side panels of the R/B Crystal up and insert it into the middle of the R/B Gyro, and pull the back handles three times. To transform into Ultraman Blu, raise only the single middle panel of the R/B Crystal and do the same motions. Included is the Taro Crystal, which transforms both into their Flame Form, and the Ginga Crystal, which transforms both into their Aqua Forms. Other R/B Crystals will harness the power of different elements. Ultra Monster R/B Crystals will also be released that hold different functions as well.

The R/B Crystal Holder is a small brick-like container that can open to hold up to four R/B Crystals inside. One side features a red logo for Ultraman Rosso, while the other side features a blue side for Ultraman Blu. Included is the Tiga Crystal, which allows Ultraman Rosso and Ultraman Blu to transform into their Wind forms.

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Vendor: Bandai

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