Toku Wave Radio LIVE Weekly

CSTOYS Toku Wave Live WeeklyNOW it is weekly!! We proudly announce that our Toku-Wave Radio at FM Gaiya will go LIVE every Monday in 2018!  It is an actual FM Radio show in Uwajima City, Japan, as well as for the  Internet Radio. Now we are live-streaming it on this particular date as well. It is our weekly LIVE FM Radio Program from Uwajima City airing on every Monday: 

  1. LIVE Program: 3:00 PM to 3:55 PM JST
  2. Recorded Program: 6:00PM to 6:55 PM JST
  3. Recorded Program: 11:00 PM to 11:55 PM JST

 Join the chat and send us your Tokusatsu music request so we play it for you over the net. 

Radio Host: Masaki Seike a.k.a. Mr.S
Cohost: Shukuenshinobi 

  • To join our live chat, click HERE
  • To listen to the Toku Music we play on the net, click HERE
Check out our countdown timer at our special site and send us your music requests for Kamen Rider & Super Sentai Music Request to us and your name and Toku love will be heard on the radio!!  
We have listed our own music lists which we can play in our radio program for you. It is super easy to request them and we will play your favorite music on our internet radio together with your name & Toku love and be heard!

When your music request is received, we will offer you our 300 yen discount code for your future purchases at our store as our appreciation of your toku favors :)

CSTOYS International