Premium Bandai Exclusives

Premium Bandai Exclusive

The world of Tokusatsu is filled with so many great characters, robots, gadgets, monsters, and so much more. Because of the sheer amount of content to release, sometimes Bandai just can’t release it all. Maybe the character isn’t as popular, and Bandai feels they won’t sell well in the retail market. For this, we have Premium Bandai.

Premium Bandai releases these toys through their online web store exclusively. This means we here in Japan can’t stroll into a Toys R Us and pick them up off the shelves. They must be ordered online, and quantities can end up being extremely  limited. Of course, this also means that when a Premium Bandai item we’re stocking sells out, there’s no way for us to obtain more. They’re called exclusive for a reason! 

While normally only people in Japan can order these premium products, we’re here to order to make sure you get what you need. As mentioned, quantities are limited, so act fast!