Uwajima Updates 29: Ehime's Digital Transformation Agriculture vol.4

Uwajima Updates 29: Ehime's Digital Transformation Agriculture vol.4

This is one of the last episodes of our agriculture Livestream from Nomura Town, where our friend Mr. Miyauchi runs his integrated mini-tomato greenhouse, "Suzunari Farm." His sensor-controlled greenhouse uses one of the cutting-edge agri-technologies Ehime University and Plant Data Co., LTD can offer, and Mr. Miyauchi is one of the key players in the consortium. In this episode, we interview him about the future of Agricultural Digital Transformation in Ehime. We demonstrate his green product, Yamitsuki Tomato, which means "Tomato You can Not Stop Eating."

Also, two Japanese girls are helping us to demonstrate cooking his tomatoes in this episode.



A weekly segment to update Uwajima City with something new every week. There are three parts in this segment and including:

-Uwajima QuestionsA weekly Text Message Cultural & Communication Exchange segment with Students from Uwajima Minami Secondary School & CSTOYS' worldwide customers.

-Heroes Within: Irregular Video interviews with Uwajima NPO Center, introducing Local Event introductions & activity reports.

-Uwajima Business Updates: An Irregular segment introducing the current state of cross-border EC and Shopify updates for Uwajima people.

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