Uwajima Updates 02: Heroes Within, Uwajima NPO Center goes National Convention

Uwajima Updates 02: Heroes Within, Uwajima NPO Center goes National Convention

Masaki Seike

Special Report from Akiko Hayashi, Representative at Uwajima NPO Center


Today is the first appearance in a long time. How have you all been? Thanks to you, I had fulfilling days. I'm sorry that I couldn't come back sooner for the show.

This time too, of course, I would like to report on activities related to disaster prevention.


On August 9, there was an evacuation center management training at the Yoshida Community Center in Yoshida Town, Uwajima City, where there was tremendous damage due to the heavy rain in 2018. We at the Uwajima NPO Center played HUG games(Hinanjo/避難所・Unei/運営。Game/ゲーム) with the attendees. 


Shizuoka Prefecture developed this as a game where everyone can experience evacuation center management.


HUG game is to simulate how appropriately the evacuation center can be managed on the floor plan according to the situation cards with several factors like the age, gender, nationality, and circumstances of the evacuees, and how to respond to various events that occur in the evacuation center.

また今年は宇和島NPOセンター独自の防災イベント「BOUSAIゼミな〜る」が、「防災推進国民大会2022(通称:ぼうさいこくたい2022)」に出展されることになりました。このイベントは10月22日、23日に兵庫県の「人と未来防災センター(Disasster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution)」にて開催され、全国から311団体が出展します。宇和島NPOセンターの出展ブースでは、これまで取り組んできた「(災害の)匂いのレシピ」を再現し会場の方に体験してもらい、防災を自分の事として考えてもらえればと思います。

This year, the Uwajima NPO Center's unique disaster prevention event, "BOUSAI Seminar," will be exhibited at the National Disaster Prevention Promotion Tournament 2022 (commonly known as Bosaikokutai 2022). This event will be held at the DRI, Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution, in Hyogo Prefecture on October 22nd and 23rd, and 311 disaster-relief-related organizations will exhibit there from all over the country. At our exhibition booth, we plan to display the "Recipe for the Smell of Disaster" that we have been working on, and we hope the attendees to smell and feel disaster prevention as their own thing.


This exhibition will also include volunteer students from Ehime Prefectural Uwajima Higashi High School, Ehime Prefectural Uwajima Minami Secondary School, Hyogo Prefecture's Nada High School, Okayama Prefectural Yakage High School, and Fukushima Prefectural Fukushima High School. 

The more we know what will happen during this event, the more I can report it here later. Thank you. 

Hiroko Hayashi,
Representative, Uwajima NPO Center

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