Shikoku Tourism S.4: Hometown Bristol Ep.01 "Engineering City" / 工学の街、ブリストル

Shikoku Tourism S.4: Hometown Bristol Ep.01 "Engineering City" / 工学の街、ブリストル

Masaki Seike

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"Shikoku Tourism" is one of our FM radio segments for "Uwajima World Link." The show's host, Masaki Seike, Director of CSTOYS International, seeks a new adventure beyond the Tokusatsu, supported by his co-host, Rod Walters, CEO of Shikoku Tours Ltd., who works on introducing Japanese tourism and culture from a non-native perspective. What is the sightseeing in Shikoku that Rod recommends at home and abroad?

You can find the series of our journey from HERE

Join us, and off we go! 

Masaki Seike

CSTOYS International


Question We Often Asked: 

  • Q: Why a toy seller is on the radio and introducing local Japan?
  • A: Good Question! For over one decade, we have made many friends and customers abroad, and we want them ( and YOU!) to know all the tokusatsu films, shows, and toys are enriched by Japanese unique culture and history. If you have any tokusatsu toys, we want you to explore beyond the toys and one day meet with us here in Japan, where all Tokusatsu stories started. CSTOYS, but not just toys.
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