Q: What are the best Japanese products that other countries don't have?

Q: What are the best Japanese products that other countries don't have? / 他の国にはない優れた日本製品って何だと思いますか?

Masaki Seike

The Question is from: トール (Tohru-san)  

The answer from Dylan Stewart (USA):

The only thing that Japan has and America doesn’t have is those luxury trains.

The answer from Neil Radtke (N/A):

I'm going to say Omamori charms which are good luck amulets sold at Shinto shrines. Another one would be the Gotochi a word used to describe local specialties and regional flavors but can also include things that aren’t edible, like the Hello Kitty Gotochi Series charms. Wagashi has been around since the Edo period. Light and delicate, they are usually served with tea and are the go-to snack for Japanese tea ceremonies. I have been wanting to try Wagashi and other Japanese tea treats and such for a long time now as I find the food options in Japan to have with tea or any other type of tea or to have at an event to be very well made. 



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