CSTOYS' Weekly Toku Trivia Quiz Week 5

Weekly Toku Trivia Quiz 05 (Answered)

Masaki Seike

Here is the Toku Trivia Quiz from the last show: 

Which Kamen Rider actor originally won the audition for Captain Marvelous before Ryota Ozawa?
  •  Answer: Yutaka Kobayashi
Which of these animals is not a contracted Mirror Monster in Kamen Rider Ryuki?


  •  Answer: Bear
Ultraman Z claimed to be the disciple of which Ultra?
  •  Answer: Ultraman Zero



What is this about?

Weekly Tokusatsu Trivia Quiz is for everyone who loves Tokusatsu and build their knowledge and experience. Each week we get a few Tokusatsu quiz from our friends online and we introduce them in the radio show in English & Japanese. 

The Questions above was introduced last Wednesday, and they will be answered next week in our "Uwajima World Link" YouTube live-stream or check our latest updates on Toku Trivia Archive page

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