Weekly Toku Quiz Week 12

Weekly Toku Quiz Week 12 (Answered)

Masaki Seike

Here is the Toku Trivia Quiz for Week 12:  

   Weekly Toku Quiz Week 12

 The Answer: Samba

Weekly Toku Quiz Week 12
The Answer: Flute
Weekly Toku Quiz Week 12

The Answer: Kawakubo Takuji (Ultraman Nexus)


What is this about?

Weekly Tokusatsu Trivia Quiz is for everyone who loves Tokusatsu and build their knowledge and experience. Each week we get a few Tokusatsu quiz from our friends online and we introduce them in the radio show in English & Japanese. 

The Questions introduced in the show will be answered in the following  week in our "Uwajima World Link" YouTube live-stream, or come back this page next week. Thank you. 


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