Regarding the recent Earthquake in Osaka on June 18th and our shipping operation.

Regarding the recent Earthquake in Osaka on June 18th and our shipping operation.

Dear Customers,There was a magnitude six earthquake hit Osaka area yesterday on June 19th and left four people died, and some of their social infrastructures suffered extensive damage from the quake.Our store locates on Shikoku Island, and it is far from Osaka, and there was no damage, and our shipping operation is normal. Moreover, there is no significant delay of their international shipping has not announced by Japan Post at this point and we believe the packages we sent out in last three ...

[Power Ranger Poll] Transformer Giant has purchased the Power Rangers. Now what?

Hasbro acquired the PowerRanger Franchise. Would this change excite you as a fan or not? And what would you expect from this? Let us share your thought on this in our next TOKU Wave Live FM Radio ;) — CSTOYS International (@cstoys) May 4, 2018

[Promotion] DX Hammer Dial Fighter Campaign! (Ended As Supply Finished)

SORRY! VS Vehicle Campaign Ended as the supply is gone :(You have waited for this and no more waiting :) We finally received over 60 DX Hammer Dial Fighters last Friday, and they are all ready to be launched! Please make sure to read and understand the instruction to obtain this amazing DX Toy Give-away for this weekend and Good luck to you all!! The rules is simple. If you purchase following items from us starting from Sunday, April 22nd, you are qualified to get one DX Dial Fighter per purc...

[Spring Clearance] 50% OFF for our Selected Pre-Owned Toys!!

Spring is here in Matsuyama City where we located with lots of blooming cherry blossoms, and it means that we need a fresh start by loading off our selected items from the shelves in our warehouse and making extra space to fill out with more new & pre-owned toys later.   This 50% off sale will start tonight at 8 PM JST on Sunday, March 25th and continues to Sunday, April 8th for only two weeks. Help us to get rid of these items to find more pre-owned toys in the local market in Japan :)  ...

[Promotion] "VS Emblems" Campaign

Here we go now for the campaign season! Bandai announced this last month but we finally received the limited number of "VS Emblems," and it is time to introduce the details of this special campaign. Before you jump in this in a hope you could be the one to obtain them (Believe me, we sincerely do hope you win them too). However, there are some strict rules Bandai made, and as we are one of their toy retailers we will have to follow the rules, plus there are our rules to take part ...

Q: What Happened to "DX GoldScorpion Full Bottles Set"?

A: Bandai has replaced the set with "DX RoseCopter Full Bottle Set." We asked our wholesalers about the question a week ago, and we finally received Bandai's answer through them. They told us that there was a slight change of the direction for Kamen Rider Build episodes and Bandai had to swap "DX GoldScorpion Full Bottles Set" with "DX RoseCopter Full Bottle Set." And there is no more release of "DX GoldScorpion Full Bottles Set" (However, we still doubt this and who knows? PB? Maybe?).

Seito's Best Match Full Bottles

Seito, it means "West City," and it covers the western part of Japan. Our city Matsuyama belongs this region, and we wonder how CSToys is operated in the world of Kamen Rider Build after the Sky Fall Disaster. Since Sento is based on economic recovery and sending many students overseas to absorb latest technologies, we may be doing the similar business in this world.

Hokuto's Best Match Full Bottles

While Touto's full bottle list enjoys their 20 full bottle set, the ones from Hokuto and Seito are not fully introduced at this point (2018/02/13). And we see some of the full bottles are unfortunately not able to obtain from our wholesale distribution lines and we won't be able to sell them unless we find the rare ones in the used toy market later this year. 

Touto's Best Match Full Bottles

Hello to the Kamen Rider Build fans :) We thought it would be helpful for our customers to have the list of Best Match Full Bottles from Touto, Hokuto and Nanto that we are aware of so far. Also we linked each full bottle to our store item as much as we could for your convenience.  Okay, let us start with Touto, where the story of Kamen Rider Build originally introduced: 

[New Currency Added] RON (Romanian Leu) & RON (Romanian Leu)

Today we have added 2 more international currencies including RON (Romanian Leu) & TRY (Turkish Lira) as we received several requests from our customers. We are willing to expand the currencies and the shipping countries as far as Japan Post delivery reaches. 

[Maintenance Notice] Our Loyalty Point System is back :)

Thank you for being patient with us. Our Loyalty Point System is back now and  up & running :) Please contact us if you need any support regarding this at Thank you again for using our service.  CSTOYS International ------------------------------------------- [Maintenance Notice] Our Loyalty Point System is currently under maintenance until 10 PM JST, Sat. January 31st.

Delays in mail delivery in the United States of America and Great Britain (January 10, 2018)

The designated postal operators of the United States of America and Great Britain informed Japan Post that there may be delays in mail delivery in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern areas of the United States and throughout Great Britain due to a cold wave. In addition, there may also be delays in delivery in other areas of North America and Europe because of the impact of the cold wave.