Yosha Lucky! The Kyuranger License Campaign

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Kyuranger LicenseHello again, to the customers and fans of CS Toys International, today kicks off our campaign for the Kyuranger License! The Kyuranger License is an item that normally can only be obtained when a person comes to the store and shouts "Yosha Lucky!" while making a purchase. However, for most of our online customers this is an improbable task, so we managed to find away to make it accessible! 

Now, to obtain the Kyuranger License one just simply needs to make a purchase at CS Toys International. It does not matter if it Kyuranger related, or anything else that is in-stock. Yet, while in the process of checking out customers will need to type in the "Note to CSTOYS INTERNATIONAL:" section, "Yosha Lucky!" Below is a visual to assist:



Friendly reminder that the Kyuranger License campaign will begin alongside today's activation. In addition, please note that CS Toys will the carry this promotional campaign until supplies last. Thanks again, and stay tuned for further updates from CS Toys International!

- Wheelchair21 of Hero Club 

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