Still Waiting for the Second Wave of "DX RocketPanda Full Bottle Set" :(

November 08, 2017

DX RocketPanda Full Bottle SetDear Customers who pre-ordered or is planning to purchase the set,

Don't worry. If you have pre-ordered it with us, your order is confirmed. But it needs a little more time to arrive at our office.

Last week we received 24 sets of DX RocketPanda Full Bottle Set as its first wave of what we have ordered. Due to its very first release, our entire order has not fulfilled at this moment, and we will have to ask you to wait for our second wave from our wholesalers in coming weeks.

分納(Bun-no) is the word our wholesalers often use, and it means "Partial Delivery." It happens whatever the toy he refers to, it is in high demand, and Bandai tries to limit its distribution. When we hear the word "Bun-no" in a conversation with our wholesalers, it is not something we would like to hear :( And they did it for DX RocketPanda Full Bottle Set.

For those pre-ordered this set and have not been fulfilled yet,  once the second wave arrives we will ship it to you as soon as possible. We apologize the inconvenience but this is what Bandai does splitting our orders and making our customers and us to wait until their production is ready for the next batch :( 

Usually the second wave comes in 2 or 3 weeks later after its first release. Please be patient with us and Bandai. 


Masaki Seike
Director, CSTOYS International

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No Alternative Show This Week!

November 17, 2017

Ehime & Matsuyama Industrial FestivalYup, but we will host a FaceBook Live at Ehime Prefecture's Industrial Festival :)  This weekend's "CSTOYS' Alternative Show" will be preempted for a FaceBook Live show. This live show will be coming from the Ehime Prefecture Industrial Festival. Come join me, Mr. S, and my assistant, a former student of mine as we present the booths, activities, and products at the festival. We will go LIVE Saturday at 2 p.m. JST, and the run for a full-hour. Please feel free to join us tomorrow from the Ehime Prefecture Industrial Festival! 

The Alternative Show will return next week in-full, at its normal scheduled time! 

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Bandai Promotion: Lock Full Bottle Campaign

November 17, 2017

Hello again, to the customers and fans of CS Toys International! This coming Sunday we will be launching the latest Bandai Promotion, which is for the Kamen Rider Build, Lock Full Bottle. The Lock Full Bottle Get Campaign is coincide with Ryuga finally becoming the Kamen Rider Cross-Z. However, this is Sento's Full Bottle that can Best Match with the Ryuga' Dragon Full Bottle to form Kamen Rider Build KeyDragon!


The method in acquiring this Full Bottle is to purchase one of three items: the DX Build Driver, DX Drill Crusher, or the DX Beat Crosser. Now, there is another option and that includes the purchase of set that may contain either one, or more of the items. For example if a customers purchase the DX Cross Dragon, and DX Beat Crosser they are already qualified to earn this Full Bottle. However, this is a limited supplied item with a first come, first serve policy. Yet, we would like to remind our customers that those who have pre-ordered the DX Beat Crosser or the set are guaranteed the item first. 

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[NEXT] Ultraman Geed EP 20 - The 10:00 AM Monster Bird (Scheduled to be aired from Saturday, Nov. 18th.)

November 12, 2017

Star Beast Gyeron suddenly appears in the city. Ultraman Geed manages to force it to retreat, but the monster comes back each day 10 a.m. Riku and his friends feel at the end of their rope, when dealing with the monster. Furthermore, AIB discovers that the Gyeron that appears each day is the same one. Will Riku be able to defeat Gyeron?

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