Ultraman Geed EP 9 - The Sword of an Oath

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Reitos daughter, Mayu, obtains a Little Star! Immediately Reito informs Riku, and Laiha who insist hiding Mayu in the Nebula House. However, the kaiju Tyrant appears overhead attempting to dig them out. Meanwhile SkullGomora reappears at the base of Mt. Mitsuse. Laiha overhears the information, and without hesitation rushes to the area. Laiha is convinced that is where Kei is currently at! What is Laihas motivation? And does this have something to do with her past? 

Satsuma Jiro Also, during our viewing of the episode we noticed an interesting easter-egg; one that might have been missed via how Crunchyroll displayed it. From this screencap of Moa looking at a newspaper clipping, one of the victims was Satsuma Jiro! Satsuma Jiro was the man that Ultraseven based his human-form on. However, in this canon Jiro is only 21 years old when he died, so its just an reference to the original character.

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