Ultra Sofubi BROTHERS MANTEL Campaign (From 8pm JST Sunday, April 30th)

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Hello to the customers and the fans of CS Toys International! On the most recent episode of the ALTERNATIVES Show, we alerted our customers on two upcoming campaigns starting on the 29th. The first campaign we posted about is for the Uchu Sentai Kyuranger DX Oguma Kyutama. Whereas, the second campaign featured here is on the Brothers Mantel for the Ultraman Sofubi (Vinyl) figures. For those still new to the Ultra Series, the Ultra Brothers consist of the first six Ultras: Ultraman, Zoffy, Ultraseven, Ultraman Jack, Ultraman Ace, and Ultraman Taro. Now, when one purchases three or more from any of the various series customers will receive one Brothers Mantel per order. This is a limitation placed onto us by Bandai. The Brothers Mantel will also feature a pedestal to assist in displaying an Ultra Brother while worn.


Qualifying Sofubi Figure Series:

  • Ultra Hero/ Monster Series
  • Spark Dolls Ultra Hero/ Monster 500
  • Ultra Hero/ Monster X
  • Ultra Hero/ Monster Orb

Campaign Teaser Video

As stated before, the campaign begins on Saturday, April 29th here in Japan. However, for our online customers, it will begin with the Sunday activation, permitted we receive this item. We hope everyone will look forward to this event, and if changes occur will update everyone as timely as possible! Thanks, and stay tune for further updates from CS Toys International

PS. Be noted that the campaign will end as the supplies finish.  

- Wheelchair21 of Hero Club

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