Ultra Soft Vinyl Quiz DVD Campaign (From 8 PM JST, Sunday March 26th)

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Ultra Quiz DVD CampaignHello to the customers and the fans of CS Toys! Today, we are announcing that CS Toys will be taking part in another campaign. This new campaign for Ultra Soft Vinyl series, where one can obtain an Ultra Soft Vinyl Quiz DVD. The Ultra Soft Vinyl Quiz DVD is an interactive quiz game for kids. It tests kids on how well they know the Ultras, Monsters, and various aliens. The video will display a vinyl, and kids must match it to the character using the remote. If the answer is correct the DVD will reveal additional information and stats on character shown. Now, to obtain the Ultra Soft Vinyl Quiz one will need to buy three or more vinyls in a single purchase.  


The Qualifying Vinyl Series Are:

  • Ultra Hero 500
  • Ultra Hero X
  • Ultra Hero Orb
  • Ulta Monster Series
  • Ultra Monster DX


The campaign begins today on Sat. March 18th here in Japan, but for online/ international customers it will begin with tomorrow’s activation at 8 PM JST, Sunday, March 26th. The Ultra Soft Vinyl Quiz Campaign will run while supplies last. In addition, here is a video sample of how the DVD will play out for viewers interesting in getting this item.

- Wheelchair21 of Hero Club

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