📻 [Toku Wave LIVE #400] Celebrating our 400th Installment of CSTOYS Toku Wave! (2021/02/17)

Our FM radio show, CSTOYS Toku Wave, started in 2008, and this is another milestone for us. We are celebrating our 400th installment on this day, Wednesday, February 17th, 2021. And we do it in our own way ;)

We are giving away our "Kamen Rider Saber: DX Kougouken Saikou & Seiken Saikou Driver" to the one lucky person during the radio program. To participate in the lucky draw is simple. Send us your Tokusatsu music requests with the keyword "400th Anniversary". Don't forget your shoutout for Tokusatsu Love and Us in your music requests ;)

The lucky winner will be introduced to the show and we will contact you by email after the show, and ask you for your full name and shipping address for your present. You can send us your music request as much as you want from the list below, but know this. Only one lucky person will WIN!

The prize for the 400th Airing Anniversary

  • Product: Kamen Rider Saber: DX Kougouken Saikou & Seiken Saikou Driver
  • Product URL: http://bit.ly/3tD4HD8

🤞◇ 特撮ソングリクエスト! あなたの大好き特撮ソングをかけさせて! 🎵 Send us Your Favorite Tokusatsu Music, from the links below


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