Share Your Toku Love with Our Online Voting Fun! (2021/02/19)

Share Your Toku Love with Our Online Voting Fun! (2021/02/19)

Masaki Seike

Have you ever heard of "Online Live Voting"?

We learned this online voting service recently and we brought to our last Alternative Show, and we and our chat community enjoyed so much and we thought we can bring the fund and the excitement to you too!!

Check out the Result of Our Online Survey from last weekend HERE. And YOU can still vote for it and see how it works! 



How do you join the fun? It's pretty simple.

Voting QR Code: 3294656

Just click on the link below and visit our voting page and answer the simple questions and it reflects your opinion and others right away on the presentation page. It is the simple. Or scan the QR code with your smartphone and access to the voting page.

For this week, we just asked two of these pretty basic simple questions:



1. What is your favorite Super Sentai Series? 
2. What do you want to see in Zenkaiger, the 45th Super Sentai Series? 

    We love this voting fun and we thought we should do it regularly in our live-streaming shows too. If you have any tokusatsu questions or opinions you want other to reply or hear, fill out the form below and we will use it in our next show.

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