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Seito's Best Match Full BottlesSeito, it means "West City," and it covers the western part of Japan. Our city Matsuyama belongs this region, and we wonder how CSToys is operated in the world of Kamen Rider Build after the Sky Fall Disaster. Since Sento is based on economic recovery and sending many students overseas to absorb latest technologies, we may be doing the similar business in this world.

Here is the list of Seito's Best Match Full Bottles. And most of them are not yet released at this point (2018/02/13). And we see some of the full bottles are unfortunately not able to obtain from our wholesale distribution lines and we won't be able to sell them unless we find the rare ones in the used toy market this year. Stay tuned, and we will update the lists later as Bandai (Faust?) release them.  




Tora Full Bottle UFO Full Bottle
Kujira Full Bottle Jet Full Bottle
Shika (Deer) Full Bottle Pyramid Full Bottle
Kirin Full Bottle Senpuki (Cyclone) Full Bottle
Penguin Full Bottle Skebo (Skateboard) Full Bottle
Obake (Ghost) Full Bottle* Magnet Full Bottle*
Same (Shark) Full Bottle Bike Full Bottle
Bat Full Bottle Engine Full Bottle
Hachi (Wasp) Full Bottle Sensuikan (Submarine) Full Bottle
Sai (Rhino) Full Bottle Dryer Full Bottle
*Items not distributed from our wholesale distributions.
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