Regarding the recent Earthquake in Osaka on June 18th and our shipping operation.

Dear Customers,

There was a magnitude six earthquake hit Osaka area yesterday on June 19th and left four people died, and some of their social infrastructures suffered extensive damage from the quake.

Our store locates on Shikoku Island, and it is far from Osaka, and there was no damage, and our shipping operation is normal. Moreover, there is no significant delay of their international shipping has not announced by Japan Post at this point and we believe the packages we sent out in last three days are safe on the way to your door.

However, our government warned us to expect possible aftershocks in a week from now. So please be patient with Japan Post's operation for their shipping delay if it happens during this challenging time.

We will update the Postal Distribution situation on our blog here if there is anything more to inform you.

Thank you for understanding.


Masaki Seike

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