Pre-Owned Items for this Weekend at 8 PM JST Sunday ;D

Pre-Owned Items for this weekAs we seek for great used toys every week, here are more of them for this weekend. We noticed that we still have pretty positive demands on Toqger Megazords, Gokaiger's Mobirates, and of course, all the Heisei Kamen Riders' Henshin Belts. We bring them almost every week and it seems that they go fast from our store. 

We have not made any long distance toy hunting these days due to our busy family events as our new school year starts in April here in Japan, but we are planning another one for more great pre-owned toys in a few weeks. Because this is the season for everyone here  to move and start new living for their schools or works, it is the best time to seek these used toys because sadly they are not taken to new places or home by their ex-owners. The good news is they could have new home on YOUR bookshelves or collection rooms :)  Help them find their new home ;D

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