Not able to use PayPal? We fixed it.

Not able to use PayPal? We fixed it.

We have been receiving some messages that they can not use PayPal payment on our store for weeks. Some customers can use the payment service without no problems, but others can not. We have been using PayPal since the first day of our operation started over ten years ago. So we looked into this, and we found out the API connection between the store and them was "ACTIVE" it said "No Account Connected" Obviously, something was going on, so we deactivated the connection and reconnected it again today Thursday, September 22nd, 9:30 AM JST.

Now the store says "ACTIVE" and "Account Connected," and it is working correctly again. We also set our PayPal account to accept multiple currencies automatically, which should improve our international customers' checkout at our store with their PayPal account.

Please let us know by messaging service on our site if you notice any issues with payment or others. We will try our best to reply to you during business hours. Thank you for using our service ;)


Masaki Seike
Director, CSTOYS International

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