Lucky!! CD Give-away for Only 3 people! "Goodbye today" by Mie Joké

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"Goodbye today" by Mie Joké--------------------------------------------
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Youtube: CD "Goodbye Today" 当選者発表! 

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In our FM Radio show, CSTOYS Toku Wave, we play Tokusatsu related music requested from our listeners. But in some cases that we play different kind of music we love too. These days we are kind of addicted to one song called "Headlight" from Mie Joké's 2nd album "Goodbye today", and we have been playing this particular song at the end of our show every week. She is from Uwajima City and well-known for her exceptional voice and her talent in singing English jazz vocals. The song "Headlight" is in Japanese but our favorite one that portraits life's uncertainty as driving in dark with only dimming headlights and the song ends with one strong message:



Feeling roars to life
with no limiter on my engine
No speed meter required
Just step on it


All the lyrics & music in her album "Goodbye today" are done by Kuninosuke Akamatsu, main vocal from Rock Group, Sandalbadge, he is also from Uwajima City. 

We are giving away this Mie Joké's 2nd album "Goodbye today" to 3 lucky people who made any music request from our song lists HERE and follow the instruction:

  1. Make a music request from HERE before March 12th
  2. Write her album name "Goodby today" in the comment box

The winners will be announced on Monday March. 20th during our radio show. We will be sending these CDs free of charge to the winners!

Waiting for your music requests ;)

CSTOYS International



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