Leaving for Uwajima City for our FM Radio Program again :)

July 04, 2016

CSTOYs Toku Wave Radio Yup, here we go again. I am leaving for Uwajima City for the recording now :)  

"CSTOYS' Toku Wave Radio" is our weekly radio program from FM Gaiya 76.9 Mhz from the City of Uwajima. And this will be our 172nd recording which will be aired next week on July 11th. 

We introduce our toys (New & Old) and talk on Tokusatsu and many more. Our co-host over Skype is "Shukuenshinobi" our long time friend and we talk everything but Tokustasu news. 


We love to play your toku-related music requests from our music listings and introduce your Toku-Love to Uwajima City and to the world on FM Gaiya's Internet Broadcasting!  

Send us your music request and let the world know you and your favorite Toku-heroes! 


Masaki Seike

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CSTOYS' Damage Report from Typhoon No.18 (Typhoon Talim)

September 18, 2017

Selling Items without Damaged BoxesLast night, on Sunday, September 18th, Typhoon No.18 (Category 4) passed our city Matsuyama leaving some leaking water from our office ceiling and caused some damages on our candy toys we kept on the top of our shelves. The outer boxes of following items are soaked, and we will have to sell them without them as well as the candies included inside to avoid any food contamination. The plastic toys inside have not soaked nor are damaged, and we will sell as they are at discounted prices

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[NEXT] Ultraman Geed EP 12 - My Name (Scheduled to be aired from Saturday, Sept. 23rd.)

September 16, 2017

Learning the secret of his birth, and having been defeated by Kei as Pedanium Zetton, Riku has lost the meaning to his existence. However, Riku recieves a letter from a man named Ikari Asakura, and Riku goes to meet him. Only to discover that Riku was named by this man. Meeting Ikari inspires Riku to continue on as Ultraman Geed, and face Kei/ Pedanium Zetton again. In this battle Riku will awaken a new "MAGNIFICENT" power!

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Ultraman Geed EP 11 - Geed Identity

September 16, 2017

Kei Fukuide is outed as the mastermind behind the kaiju attacks by AIB through a sting operation,  and Ultraman Zero rushes to Belial's location. Realizing that our heroes, and law enforcement are closing in him, Kei chooses to confront Riku! In this confrontation Kei decides to reveal to Riku his origin, and attempts to complete his devious plans. Meanwhile Laiha must contend with a deadly assassin whose been hired to keep her at bay.

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