Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger: Candy Toy SG Ryusoul 03 - 04. Nemu Soul

This item will be activated at 8 PM JST on Sunday, June 30th. Please check our countdown timer at our storefront. 

The Ryusouls have unleashed their spirit into the Bandai Candy Toy series! Unlike the GP Ryusoul, the SG Ryusoul come fully assembled much like the DX Ryusouls. However, the sticker on the shield will need to be applied. When applicable, the helmets on the back aren't as painted as their DX counterparts. That being said, they function in the Ryusoul Changer, Ryusoul Ken, and Kishiryu-Oh the same as their DX counterparts, even if they don't look as crisp.

This is the SG 03 release of the Nemu Soul, used to put anyone to sleep!


CSTOYS International

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