Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger is coming!

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger is coming!


★Zenkaiger Production Presentation URL:

The 45th Super Sentai series is "Kaikai Sentai Zenkaiger(機界戦隊ゼンカイジャー)" and its first program presentation will be live-streamed on Youtube Jan. 15th, 2021. We understand the program might be region locked at the time to watch it out of Japan, however we would like to hold our own special live-stream to celebrate this special event together with you. Although we are not able to show you their program if it is region locked, however, we can chat and talk about the presentation.

If the program is region-blocked, you might want to try the following and do let us and chat people know if it works:

  • How to Watch Youtube Videos Blocked in Your Country (Unfortunately this method is outdated and this does not work now
We already have ordered lots of Zenkaiger related Toys from our wholesalers and we are expecting to sell them from Sunday, March 7th, 2021. Check out our weekend live-stream on Saturday, March 6th for the first toy reviews!!
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