[In Talk with Shuki] Toy Package differences between US & Japan

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Packages. Some people collect them, some people toss them, but there’s no denying that some great looking packaging can catch your eye on the toy shelf. While there are certainly some American toys that have some wonderful art on their boxes, Japan has the United States beat.

Most people reading this are super familiar with your standard Japanese packaging. especially in the world of Tokusatsu. You can always expect some bright, colorful packaging with group shots adorning the package, usually with the owner of the toy with a big image on the front. It’s bright and captures your attention instantly.

Packages from the United States take a different approach. Instead of trying to capture your eye with gorgeous art or bright colors, they will try to capture your eye with the toy itself. Boxed toys here generally come in two types: closed, and open packaging.

Closed packaging will encase the toy in a complete box, often covered with a plastic window on the front to see the toy inside. These types will often be accompanied by small bits of artwork or shots from the show it is based from, but will mostly be driven by the large, visible toy inside.

Opened packaging is about as minimal as you can get, often containing a thin card back and a larger cardboard base the toy sits in. People in the United States are incredibly fond of the open packaging, as it allows both adults and kids in the store a chance to look at and play with the toy before buying it. On the flip side, for collectors, it means having to dig through the items on the shelf to try and find a toy that doesn’t have a paint scuff, missing piece, or even a broken limb.

Both styles have their merits, but for us collectors, the closed packaging is definitely where it is at. That being said, the design and charm of Japan’s packaging is something I genuinely miss from United States packaging. One of the coolest parts of getting a new series of toys from CSToys is seeing what sort of design Bandai has come up with next, and that’s, unfortunately, a joy I just don’t get from toy packages in the United States.

So what kind of packaging do you prefer? The simplistic style of the United States, or the bright and eye-catching designs of Japan? Enclosed packaging, or open packaging? Sound off below and let us know what you like best!

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