[In Talk with Shuki] Finally, Power Ranger The Movie Premiered in Japan! And What's now?

Power Rangers is a huge part of my life. Without it, I would have never fallen in love with the world of tokusatsu, and I wouldn't be doing what I do today. Who knows what I would be doing! I can easily say I owe so much to this franchise.

It's without saying that I was excited for the Power Rangers movie the minute it was revealed by Lionsgate way back when. As a fanbase we powered through the delays, the lack of advertising, and the wave of hype months before the actual premiere. While some people ended up not enjoying it, as a whole, both casual fans, hardcore fans, and even "non-fans" fell in love with the new world presented in the film.

Even though we in America have been enjoying the Blu-Ray and DVD release of the movie for a few weeks now, the movie has FINALLY hit theaters across Japan. Unfortunately facing movie juggernaut franchises like Pokémon and Cars, the film opened up at a low 9th place in the rankings.

Where do we go from here? The movie has finally hit all countries, and is already on home video in a vast majority of the world. The film made back its budget and then some, but was it a success in the eyes of Saban Brands? Was it a success in the eyes of Lionsgate? More importantly, was it a successes in the eyes of the international investors. That all remains to be seen, as SDCC, the perfect place to announce plans for a sequel, has already passed. That being said, Saban always had a big presence at NYCC, so there's always hope.

Despite weak box office numbers worldwide, the widely successful toy line from Bandai America, as well as high-grossing Blu-Ray and DVD seals could easily set a sequel in motion, even despite the weak box office numbers. As a fan, that's all we can hope.

If Lionsgate and Saban Brands decide to shelve the chance of a sequel, I hope this world is something either company chooses to revisit. Whether it's in the form of a Netflix series, an animated series, or even a full monthly comic series from BOOM! Studios, I would love for this world to continue in some fashion. The world created was something I have longed for in Power Rangers, and I hope to jump back in it soon.

I don't really care how. All I ask is that it happens.



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