Hokuto's Best Match Full Bottles

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Kamen Rider Build: Best Match Full Bottles from ToutoWhile Touto's full bottle list enjoys their 20 full bottle set, the ones from Hokuto and Seito are not fully introduced at this point (2018/02/13). And we see some of the full bottles are unfortunately not able to obtain from our wholesale distribution lines and we won't be able to sell them unless we find the rare ones in the used toy market later this year. 

You may find the listing names are incorrect since there is no official English names available for us and we did our best we could to translate for these full bottles from Japanese names, so be open for us ;)





Phoenix Full Bottle Robot Full Bottle
Wolf Full Bottle Smarpho Full Bottle
Unicorn Full Bottle Keshigomu (Eraser) Full Bottle
Rose Full Bottle Helicopter Full Bottle
Turtle Full Bottle Watch Full Bottle
Kabutomushi Full Bottle* Camera Full Bottle*
Kuma Full Bottle* Televi Full Bottle*
Dog Full Bottle* Mic Full Bottle*
Santa Claus Full Bottle* Cake Full Bottle*
Spider Full Bottle Reizouko (Refrigerator) Full Bottle

*Items not distributed from our wholesale distributions.
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