HERO☆STAR's Anime & Tokusatsu Karaoke Battle Contest (2017/02/26)

HERO☆STAR's Anime & Tokusatsu Karaoke Battle ContestToday, on the ALTERNATIVES Show we announced that our friends at HERO☆STAR Café & Bar are hosting a Karaoke Contest. HERO☆STAR calls this karaoke contest the “Anime & Tokusatsu Karaoke Battle”, showcasing two of Japan’s best genres on February 26th. It will feature a variety of ways in which fans can compete. Fans can choose to attend or compete, incorporate cosplay performances, and it will have a section for international entries. The international entries though will need to submit recordings beforehand. In addition, we here at CS Toys International will broadcast the event through our YouTube, and FaceBook live-streams. The rules on entering the karaoke battle, and process for international fans to join are listed below:



Entrants must sign-up in advance for the contest here at our website. There will be two different registry applications, one for the attending performers and one for international entries.

  1. Entrants are only permitted to perform ONE song of his or her choice.
  2. Songs must be featured in an anime or tokusatsu production/ soundtrack.

However, in-house entrants must choose a song that is 10 years or older. This restriction does not apply to international entrants. Performances that include the use of props, cosplay, or “other” will be included as a part of the evaluation. All entrants must provide an admission fee, and sign a waiver permitting the use of video recordings and photography. Recordings and photography will be used as press coverage by hosts, HERO☆STAR and CS Toys International. Judging will be decided by HERO☆STAR owner, Mr. Wakafuji alongside other local performers.



How International Entries Can Compete:

For fans seeking to join in the contest, one will need to use a specific method in recording his/ her submission. The process to be used incorporates Sing! Karaoke app by Smule. The app is accessible on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. Once downloading the app one can either make a new account, or immediately connect it to one’s own FaceBook. We’d like to note the service is free, however it does feature in-app purchases as well as a subscription service. When signing up it gives the user a free week trial of Smule’s subscription services, which are normally priced at $9.99 USD. 

Once making the account, users should check if the song he or she seeks to cover is available on the app. Many songs from Anime and Tokusatsu series are featured, however some tracks’ lyrics may only appear in Japanese. After selecting and recording the song, one will need to then register for the event on HEROSTAR’s website. The application will include the need of one’s name/ stage-name, song information, contact information, etc.




Admission Fee & Prizes:

Amongst the rules, we included that there will be an entry fee of 3000 yen. The entry fee will go towards financing future events and prizes. In addition, the admission fee will also go towards CSTOYS' 1000 yen Gift Card for the participation awards/gifts for all participants (The gift card code will be sent to the particiapnt's email as we confirm his/her registration fee). Prizes for the event have not been announced currently, the Grand Prizes will be revealed specifically at the event. We would also like to mention prizes are donations directly from Mr. Wakafuji’s collection and CS Toys’ stock.

  • Grand Prizes: First, Second & Third Place for their Excellent Singing Performance. 
  • Other Prizes from the following companies:
    • Hero Star
    • CSTOYS International
    • Hatada Confectionary Co. Ltd.
    • Ehime CATV
    • FM Ehime Broadcasting Co. Ltd.
    • FM Gaiya Co. Ltd.



If we experience technical difficulties such as Smule’s services are down, or errors with broadcasting recordings, entrants will be refunded. We insist that entrants use Paypal for terms of payment, so we may provide swift refunds if need be.


We hope fans from around the world will seek to participate in this Karaoke Event! There are many ways for one to participate; whether one wishes to compete, share the information, or attend the stream. International fans interested in competing should download Sing! Karaoke now, and begin practicing to get their perfect submission before Sunday Feb. 26th. We look forward to this gathering of voices, and the appreciation of Anime and Tokusatsu music worldwide!


Writing Credit: Wheelchair21 of Hero Club (https://hero-club.com)




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