Touto's Best Match Full Bottles

Kamen Rider Build: Best Match Full Bottles from ToutoHello to the Kamen Rider Build fans :) We thought it would be helpful for our customers to have the list of Best Match Full Bottles from Touto, Hokuto and Seito that we are aware of so far. Also we linked each full bottle to our store item as much as we could for your convenience. 

Okay, let us start with Touto, where the story of Kamen Rider Build originally introduced: 


Rabbit Full Bottle  Tank Full Bottle 
Gorilla Full Bottle  Diamond Full Bottle 
Taka Full Bottle  Gatling Full Bottle 
Ninja Full Bottle  Comic Full Bottle 
Panda Full Bottle Rocket Full Bottle
Harinezumi Full Bottle  Shoubousha Full Bottle
Lion Full Bottle  Soujiki (Vacuum Cleaner) Full Bottle 
Dragon Full Bottle  Lock Full Bottle (Promotion Only
Kaizoku Full Bottle  Densha Full Bottle 
Octopus Full Bottle  Light Full Bottle 
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