Free Food Tasting Program from Ehime, Japan!

Free Food Tasting Program from Ehime, Japan!

Thank you! The Application is closed now and we are to select the participants for the program. Stay tuned ;) 


The idea of the Ehime Food Tasting Program (EFTP) is to promote the local food & culture from Ehime Prefecture, where CSTOYS International is located. We have been working closely with local FM stations to support our domestic tourism industry and its renowned foods. It is our honor to invite our European customers to participate in this program, and we will gradually expand this program to other regions as Japan Post resumes their delivery services.

What is it?

We are promoting Ehime's local food products overseas and discovering its unveiled potential by inviting our international customers to taste, review, and share their thoughts on them through our Youtube Channels & our radio program at JOEU FM Ehime. The participants who have submitted their food reviews will receive a 2000 yen gift card from CSTOYS to show our appreciation for their contribution.

How can I participate?

  1. First, you need to be a CSTOYS Customer with a decent purchasing history with an accountable record. Please note that the number of food samples is limited, and we need to be selective.
  2. Before you apply, please approve that you are not allergic to citrus fruits. Allergies to them are rare, but they do occur. Citrus fruits include oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits.
  3. Please send us your application form from HERE
  4. We will select the participants and contact them privately for confirmation of their desire to participate in the EFTP.
  5. We will send the product by EMS, and the shipping is free of charge. The tracking information will be sent to you after we have packed and shipped it. Expect approximately a week for delivery. 

In what form of the review, would you like me to send?

  • A Youtube video or a blog post is recommended.
    • YOUTUBE VIDEO is the best for us for sharing to others easily. To shoot the video, make sure to have a proper lighting atmosphere for both you and the product. Good audio is essential when it comes to reviewing something! Unless you have a good microphone, make sure to bring your smartphone or camera close enough to record your voice clearly. Try and taste the product we send in front of your camera, and give us your honest impressions on the taste and the packaging. Here is one example video that our longtime friend Collector Shuki did for us. 

      [FOOD DEMO] Collector Shuki Tastes Un-Tomatoy Sauce from Japan on His Favorite Noodle :)

    • *NOTE: The video is edited by CSTOYS crew and you do not have to edit or insert any titles, we will do it when you are qualified and send us the video link.  
      After you complete it, please send us your Youtube video URL for us to review.
    • A PERSONAL BLOG is another excellent way to do the product review. Make sure to take plenty of pictures of the product in or out of your home, somewhere your blog readers can feel your personality and can relate to your photos and words. After you finish writing it, please send us your blog post URL for us to review. 

When is it due?

  • The application is closed on July 25th.
  • The acceptance of your product review will end by August 22nd.


Happy Tasting! 

CSTOYS International

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