FM Gaiya’s Year-End Talk Live 2018

FM Gaiya’s Year-End Talk Live 2018

The Year-End Talk Live 2018 was once-a-year program featuring 2 or 3 radio personalities represent their own program at FM Gaiya for this special occasion. CSTOYS Toku Wave for this year, teamed up with 2 other programs, one is "Cry out for loving Uwajima City", and the other is "Sora Taiki's Music Time".

  • Program Name: "Cry out for loving Uwajima City"
  • Blog at FM Gaiya:
  • Youtube Channel:
  • Personalities: Ohta Shinichiro, Guitarist for doa, the rock band sung the powerful song "Eiyu(Hero)" for Ultraman Nexus opening theme. He is from Yoshida Town, Uwajima City. Sato Takeshi, PA Expert & Guitarist who influence Ohta for his amazing guitar skills when Ohta was in Junior High School. Takeshi is also from Yoshida Town. 

    CSTOYS International

    この時期恒例の「FMがいや 年末トークライブ2018」が12月16日(日)に放送されました。シーエス・トイズがご一緒させていただいたのは以下の皆さんです。

    ・FMがいや 第2・4日曜日 午前8時~ 午後1時~
    ・パーソナリティ:大田 紳一郎氏&佐藤 猛氏

    ・FMがいや 第2・4日曜日15:00/20:00

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