Five Food Reviewers are selected for Ehime Food Tasting Program

Five Food Reviewers are selected for Ehime Food Tasting Program

Masaki Seike

We are excited to inform you that we have received many applications for this program and we would like to thank each of the applicants for participating in this. 

Among the contestants, we have carefully selected five reviewers based on their customer records & credit at our stores, contributing to our Tokusatsu focused youtube channel. And the food packages had been sent to their shipping address by EMS and while we wait for the product arrivals to them and their reviews by Saturday, August 22nd, we would like to introduce more about the "Handy Jelly".


Handy Jelly -Unshu Mikan (Satsuma Mandarin) -

It is an original handy jelly that uses plenty of juice from the famous Ehime-style “Unshu Mikan”.

Takanoji, Yawatahama City is a steep slope of a small mountain. It is a well-drained mandarin orange cultivated area, and we made original hand jelly using carefully grown mandarin oranges.

□PRODUCED AREA: Takanoji, Yawatahama City, Ehime Pref. JAPAN.

●INGREDIENTS: Satsuma Mandarin, Granulated sugar, Agar.
●BEST BEFORE: Six months from the production date.
●To be kept at a temperature lower than -10°C and be consumed after opening.


More information will be added to later on here. 


Thank you. 

CSTOYS, but not just toys. 


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