Updates on Our International Delivery with Japan Post & DHL Delivery Service (US Customers Only)

Updates on Our International Delivery with Japan Post & DHL Delivery Service (US Customers Only)

Masaki Seike

As I’m sure you all have heard, SAL shipments to most countries were put on hold a little over a week ago. Due to the growing concern of COVID-19, for the safety of all Japanese postal workers, and postal workers around the world, the Japan Post has decided to hold off shipments for SAL, Airmail, and EMS to selected countries until the pandemic has subsided and shipment is deemed safe once more.

In order to continue to serve our customers during this time of quarantine, we have introduced DHL shipping as an option for our US customers. DHL is privately owned and continues to operate at this time. For now, we are only offering DHL to our US customers as a test, with the possibility of expansion later. DHL is comparable in price and speed to EMS. We will pack your order and ship it as normal using the DHL shipping service instead of the Japan Post. All DHL orders include tracking.

Additionally, we would like to announce a change to our shipping options for all countries in which Japan Post is not accepting or delivering packages during this global pandemic.

Customers may now select “Delivery On Hold / COVID-19 / Ship by Airmail”. This option will give us permission to hold your order at our warehouse until the pandemic has lifted. Once Japan Post begins operation once more, your order will be shipped via AIRMAIL. Please use our current 500 yen discount to help offset the price of AIRMAIL over SAL.

Thank you for your understanding during this tough time for all of us. We hope everyone is staying safe at home. We will get through this together. If you have any questions about our new On Hold Delivery or DHL Delivery, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook, or Email.

Thank you and be safe, everyone. 


Masaki Seike 

CSTOYS International

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