CSTOYS' Damage Report from Typhoon No.18 (Typhoon Talim)

September 18, 2017

Selling Items without Damaged BoxesLast night, on Sunday, September 18th, Typhoon No.18 (Category 4) passed our city Matsuyama leaving some leaking water from our office ceiling and caused some damages on our candy toys we kept on the top of our shelves. The outer boxes of following items are soaked, and we will have to sell them without them as well as the candies included inside to avoid any food contamination. The plastic toys inside have not soaked nor are damaged, and we will sell as they are at discounted prices

For those who already purchased last night on Sept. 17th, we will be contacting you and issuing our store gift for your discount. 

List of Candy Toys we sell without their outer boxes & candy:

Kamen Rider Build: SG Full Bottle 01 - 01 Rabbit Full Bottle
Kamen Rider Build: SG Full Bottle 01 - 02 Tank Full Bottle
Kamen Rider Build: SG Full Bottle 01 - 03 Gorilla Full Bottle
Kamen Rider Build: SG Full Bottle 01 - 04 Diamond Full Bottle

Kyuranger: Candy Toy SG Kyutama 4: 01 - Houou Kyutama
Kyuranger: Candy Toy SG Kyutama 4: 02 - Shishi Kyutama
Kyuranger: Candy Toy SG Kyutama 4: 03 - Tenbin Kyutama
Kyuranger: Candy Toy SG Kyutama 4: 04 - Hebitsukai Kyutama

Soggy Floor from the TyphoonLuckily, there were no further damages on our other toys in our warehouse but only wet floors. To avoid any further similar issues in future, we will rearrange the location we keep our candy toys in the storage, and we will talk to our landowner and take some measures together to protect our toys.

We received many kind words and encouragement from our customers for this unusual event, and we appreciate your continuing support to us.

Thank you.

Masaki Seike
Director, CSTOYS International

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