Free Give Away! FM Gaiya's CSTOYS Toku Wave Zyuohger Special Promotion!

February 18, 2016

ZyuohgAt our store, we ran a special promotion where you could shout “ZYUOHGER!” in the comment section of your cart to receive a promotional Zyuoh Eagle figure. We’re extending that promo to our radio show as well!

All you need to do is upload a video (it can be private!) to YouTube of you shouting “ZYUOHGER!” and letting us know what it is you love about Super Sentai or Power Rangers in a 30 second to one minute long video. That’s all their is to it!

Just send the YouTube link to once it is uploaded to YouTube by Monday, March 14th. FIVE lucky winners will be randomly drawn from the entrants to receive a free Zyuoh Eagle mini figure shipped to them free of charge. Their videos will be played (and translated!) on air during CSToys Toku Wave and during the CSToys Live Show.

Good luck! ZYUOHGER!