Pre-Order Item DX Cryner Robo has just come in :D

Masaki Seike

The Super Sentai Artisan Series is expanding with DX Cryner Robo and he just came in from our front door at our office today. We will be contacting our pre-order customers for this rare kind soon and we will be demonstrating it in our next Alternative Show Live at our Ustream Channel ( on this Saturday, December 27th from 2 PM JST. 

The small boxes you see in the pictures are Premium Bandai's bonus parts for those who ordered both DX Chogokin ToQ-O and DX Cryner Robo. We will unbox one of them and use in our demo this Saturday. 


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Premium Bandai items are sold only from Premium Bandai Web. We do not know if any particular stores will carry them or not. However, we sell extras from our online store after we completed all the deliveries to our pre-order customers usually in 2 or 3 weeks later as we receive the items in our office. Thank you.


may i know if premium bandai items such as the above are available in stores (eg Yamashiroya in Ueno Park) or are they only available online? thank you!


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