Q: I just got stung for £40 by customs. Would it be possible to mark as a $20 gift in future or is that against your policy?

February 25, 2015

A: It is not just our policy, but it is against the law. 

We absolutely do not cheat on our item values on the shipping label. It is not just immoral but also it puts our business operation in your country at the high risk of discontinuing it. It is not just you but we have other customers to be served. Please contact your government's website for more about "import duty Fraud (Customs Fraud)

Each country has its own rules and importing taxes, and when you are using our service, please be aware that you are importing goods from Japan and there could be additional fees or charges involved with your order before/after you actually receive it. 

When it comes to your country's importing tax, it is out of our hands.